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Based on a traditional Japanese craft technique called Tsumami-zaiku, I make accessories, ceremonial hair ornaments, postcards and other paper creations of my own style.

I provide those handcrafted flowers during events and on an online shop from time to time.



VA PLA (vɑ:plɑ) is from the old Occitan language spoken in Southern France. It means “Doing fine, all good, OK”.

My grandfather-in-law, a genuine Southern Frenchman, taught me this only Occitan word.

When I’m having some difficulties in French and become tired and silent after hitting the language barrier, he would smile at me and just say “Va pla!”.

This single gentle and cheerful word became our watchword.

I hope my floral creations will also be able to gently whisper to someone “Va pla?”.



The flower hair ornaments worn by Maikos (apprentice Geisha) are representative of the traditional Japanese craft Tsumami-zaiku.

After teaching myself this technique, I’ve been aiming at developping a unique atmosphere that does not stick to the Japanese style.

The work starts from cutting a thin piece of fabric into small regular pieces.

VA PLA’s Tsumami-zaiku is particularly small, with thin cloth square cuts of 5mm~2cm side. One by one, each piece is folded with tweezers to create the petals.

Pre-dyeing is also an important part of the process. Since it is hand-dyed, I make use of nuanced colors in the tone of antique corsages, or even like a candy store filled with macaroons, cakes and Japanese sweets.



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